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About DOWE

Inspired by the philosophy "Do we could, Do well we could," DOWE is committed to steadily expanding its international market presence, hand in hand with customers worldwide.

Our Commitment

We proudly offer DOWE products, known for their technological advancements and robust product lines for ground and zero connections.

Manufacturer Excellence

DOWE boasts over a decade of experience, extensive technical expertise, and a wide range of products chosen by customers, making them a leader in the industry.


Quality Assurance

Duwai's insulators and thermoplastic products are primarily made using glass fiber compression molding. Each batch undergoes torque testing before production, and each insulator is subjected to a voltage withstand test before packaging to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Duwai's products have passed SGS, TUV testing and certification, and have obtained CE, ROHS, and REACH reports, meeting domestic and international standards. They dominate the European market for insulators and help customers worldwide secure more orders.