Profinet Training

In conjunction with our partner Verwer Training and Consultancy Ltd, we are offering PROFINET training at our Belfast branch. The course is delivered by practicing engineers with many years’ experience in site-based fault-finding and in the development and delivery of training courses.

DAY 1: Certified PROFINET Installer
DAY 2: PROFINET Commissioning & Maintenance
DAYS 3-5: Certified PROFINET Engineer

Location: Park Electrical Services Belfast – Training room.

DAY 1: Certified PROFINET Installer Training

PROFINET installer training provides a practical, hands-on approach to fieldbus network layout and installation a covering the essential requirements for a successful and maintainable PROFINET network.

Examples and case study materials are used throughout to highlight the many common, but potentially very costly, pitfalls and mistakes that are made in laying out and installing PROFIBUS systems.

DAY 2: PROFINET Commissioning and Maintenance Training

PROFINET Commissioning and Maintenance course provides an intermediate level of training for technicians and engineers who are involved with commissioning, health checking and fault finding on operational PROFINET systems.

The techniques taught on the course include the use of several PROFINET analysers / monitors to diagnose and locate network faults, device faults and I/O problems.

Note – The PROFINET Commissioning and Maintenance course teaches how to find and locate faults in working PROFINET systems; however, the technician must have a good understanding of the types of faults that can occur and their causes. The Certified PROFINET Installer Course provides the basic grounding which is essential to understanding the more advanced techniques covered in this course.

DAY 3 - 5: Certified PROFINET Engineer


Who should attend the training course?

The course is not just for installers, but provides the basic but essential information for anyone who is involved with PROFINET at a technical level: i.e. designers, commissioning engineers, maintenance technicians and of course installers.

The course also provides an essential pre-requisite to more advanced training like the PROFINET Commissioning and Maintenance Course or the Certified PROFINET Engineer Course. Although centred on the most widely used industrial Ethernet technology, PROFINET, most of the course content is equally applicable to other industrial Ethernet-based technologies.