Water or oil, steam or gas – nothing remains in one place for long. Motion and flow are the driving forces of any system or plant, however large or small.

Electric actuators operating gate, globe, ball and butterfly valves determine the rhythm of flow. They are integrated into control systems and respond to control signals. Actuators are linked to control centres or monitoring consoles, or they rely on their own intelligent electronics.

Where there is flow there is AUMA.

AUMA provides tailor-made solutions for every application, including the Energy Sector, Chemical Sector, Water Sector and Pipelines.

We specialise in supplying AUMA to the water sector for use in water treatment plants, pump stations, water pipelines, dams, sluice-gates and sewage works.

Park Electrical Services have undergone specialist training to offer you a tailor-made service you can rely on.  Contact the Sales team on 028 9077 0799 or email for any AUMA enquiries.