ETEK AC EV Car Charger 7kW Single Phase 32A

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AC EV Car Charger 7kW Single Phase 32A One Socket Outlet Type 2 Socket

1: Safe and stable: The wall-mounted/column AC charging pile provides reliable electrical safety protection function. It can be anti-theft, dust-proof, waterproof and stable in operation, ensuring long-term reliable operation. Meets the outdoor IP54 protection;
2: System integration: The functions of the entire charging pile, such as charging function, man-machine operation, safety protection and function, are highly integrated. The system is simple in structure, conducive to production and stable and reliable in operation;
3: Easy to operate: friendly man-machine interface, simple and clear, easy to operate;
4: Small footprint and convenient installation: the area and space occupied by the entire charging pile are very reasonable, improve space utilization, and facilitate installation and application in areas with tight land ;
5: Connection abnormality: It can be judged whether the charging connector is properly connected. When properly connected, the charging interface can output power. When the charging connector is abnormally disconnected, the AC charging post stops outputting immediately to ensure personal safety and charging safety;
6: Multiple protection: The charging pile has the functions of output overvoltage, undervoltage and overload protection. When the charging voltage exceeds the overvoltage protection setting or is lower than the undervoltage protection setting, the charging post stops charging to protect the charging device. When the charging current exceeds the fixed value of the load current, the delay 5S sends an alarm signal and automatically cuts off the charging power;
7: Charging pile has short circuit and leakage protection function;
8: Controller three anti-moisture (anti-moist, anti-mildew, anti-salt fog) protection and rust protection: the printed circuit board, connectors and other circuits in the pile are protected against moisture, mildew, salt spray, and the charging pile is guaranteed. It can operate normally in a humid, salty environment. The charging pile shell and the exposed iron bracket and parts take double-layer anti-rust measures, and the non-ferrous metal shell also has an anti-oxidation protective film or anti-oxidation treatment;
9: Beautiful appearance: the overall design is simple and generous, and the theme mask can be customized. The style is colorful;
10: According to special requirements, it can be compatible with new and old standard electric vehicle charging.

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